Reed diffusers are a popular and hassle free way of filling any room with your favourite fragrance. Simple and safe to use left unattended, ensure to periodically turn the reeds for best results.

They make an ideal gift for any occasion, or why not treat your own home to a new aroma?

What is a Reed Diffuser?


Reed diffusers are a mixture of base solution and fragrance oil housed in a glass bottle. Fibre reeds are placed into the mixture that then draw the solution up. This solution then slowly evaporates into the atmosphere leaving behind the aroma molecules and a great smelling room.


About Our Reed Diffusers


Birgu Candlelight Company's reed diffusers all contain a Birgu Candles® luxury fragrance, they are made from 100% sustainable and renewable ingredients, are eco-friendly, have a low carbon footprint, do not contain ingredients which are tested on animals and use fibre reeds to prevent clogging.

Our 100ml reed diffusers will last approximately 8-12 weeks, sometimes this duration can increase or decrease depending on room temperature and environment. We recommend never placing your reed diffuser in direct sunlight or near to an air conditioning outlet.


Set Up and Use of your Reed Diffuser


The wearing of gloves is highly recommended when setting up your diffuser for the first time in case of spillage or to prevent allergic reaction. Initial set-up is recommended to be done over a stainless steel sink in case of spillage. Spillages should be cleaned up instantly with a soft dry cloth, wiping over with a damp cloth and surface spray afterwards.

When setting up your new reed diffuser, unscrew the silver collar and check the stopper lid is firmly in the bottle neck, gently shake the bottle before carefully removing the stopper wearing gloves, screw the silver collar back on and insert the reeds, spreading them out evenly.

We recommend starting with four of the five reeds and adding another should you require a stronger scent throw. Leave to stand for around one hour, after one hour has elapsed the reeds should have begun absorbing the oil. Wearing your gloves once more, turn over the reeds and place back into the bottle, this speeds up the process of complete saturation.

Your room should then begin to fill with fragrance within 24 hours.