Studio Shop

No trip to Birgu is complete without a visit to what has to be the cutest candle shop in Malta. Step back in time and enjoy handcrafted scented candles and wax melts.

Birgu Candlelight Company at the Church of St. Lawrence in Birgu

Birgu Candlelight Company beneath the Church of Saint Lawrence, Birgu, Malta

Candles, Reed Diffusers and Wax Melts on the shelves in Birgu Candles Studio Shop in Malta

 Birgu Candlelight Company Studio Shop, Birgu, Malta


Birgu Candles under cloche jars

 Birgu Candles under cloche jars, which one's your favourite?

Church of Saint Lawrence, Birgu, Malta

 Church of Saint Lawrence, Birgu, Malta. August 2021


If you're not sure where we're located, look out for the beautiful church near the waterfront in Birgu, right next to the Freedom Monument roundabout. Failing that, use the map below...or just follow your nose...