Alusi Candles - Soma


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Soma - The Balanced

The circles, hoops or rings of this multi-flamed candle embody the shifting self, and the essential wandering spirit.

Alternating between one flame to two, then two flames back to one, the fascinating qualities of this sculptural candle’s performance surely will captivate.

Colour: White

Dimensions: 27cm (h)

Approximate burn time 5.5 hours

Actual burn times may vary based on ambient room conditions

About Alusi® Candles

Alusi Candles transform an age-old tradition into avant-garde candle craftsmanship. Using wax and wick as their me­dium, they meld patterns found in nature with modern art and architecture to create multi-flame designs that truly move.

Each candle in the Alusi collection is its own elegant, moving sculpture. At play are light and shadow, shape and silhouette, sensuality and luminosity.

Alusi Candles appeal to the contemplative spirit, to those who look for art in each mo­ment and to those who appreciate the idea that without time, there can be no change.

With each striking multi-flame design, they seek to rearrange notions of what a simple candle can do.

Quality materials, innovative technologies and creative design. This is what Alusi Candles are made of. Designed in Germany, made in Canada.

Wax and wicks
Their candle wax is food grade and 100% biodegradable and use only lead- and zinc-free wicks.

For each of their unique candles they have designed a package that‘s equally as practical as it is stylish. All candles are packed perfectly secure for transportation.

Candle Care

Before lighting your candle for the first time...

Always place your candle upon a level and inflammable surface.
Never leave children or pets near a lit candle without supervision.
Always allow your candle to set completely before moving it. Ensure that the wick is no more than 5mm long. If it is, trim down your wick with a wick trimmer or pair of small scissors.

Factors that may affect an even burn for your candle are an untrimmed wick or placing your candle in a draughty area.


Carefully blow out your candle or use a candle snuffer. Never use water to extinguish your candle.

The golden rule, and rule number one, every time...


Made in Canada